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Here's what it's all about," he said, as he showed me a smallish wild pecan nut.
I wouldn't say the book was 'hard to put down' (some of the narrative is intricate, and needs to be taken in smallish doses), but it is certainly true that every time I put it down I looked forward to returning to it.
She works in the smallish Ventura bureau alongside Steven Chawkins, husband of former News-Press metro editor Jane Hulse Chawkins.
She said: "There aren't enough female scientists - only 17 per cent of science professors are women, so TV producers have a smallish pool to draw from, whether they're looking for contributors or presenters.
If the wall is smallish, I'd recommend the lovely repeatflowering Dortmund, which will reach 2m.
We have very large bills and only a smallish income from farm rents.
Today's 7f trip is ideal and with this smallish field, he should give a good account.
Town centre manager Alan Ottey said: "It will be smallish to start with, but if the people of the borough support it, I'm sure it will grow and become a regular fixture.
Apparently, it's too late to stop this extravaganza costing more than the GNP of a smallish country.
Centered on smallish, vertically oriented sheets and pressed against opaque skies, Ali's people--if that's the word for them--appear volitionless.
The pounds 50m now being spent on the new Assembly building could have been used to fund a smallish new hospital.
The Jonjo O'Neill-trained gelding doesn't jump quickly enough to win a Gold Cup, but smallish fields and soft ground suit his style of running much better and it's no coincidence that he put up his best performance under such conditions at this venue last season.