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The smart card will reduce the likelihood of your company experiencing a loss.
While magnetic stripe technology is able to process and record transactions instantaneously, transactions with smart card technology occur offline during nightly batch processing, then link directly to a student's bank account.
The number of industries in Asia now taking advantage of smart card technologies continues to increase.
Phenomenal though it may be, not all the growth in smart cards will be easily tapped by molders.
Indeed, the technology required to implement an attack based on causing a smart card to decode instructions incorrectly isn't much more complicated than that used to pirate TV signals.
A thief or terrorist organization could alter the photo on a smart card, but wouldn't be able to tell which points the computer is seeking.
Due to consistent losses caused by the high occurrence of fraud, the banking sector is pursuing the adoption of smart card technology, as it offers higher levels of security.
The MIPS32 4KSc smart card core is ideally positioned to support emerging multi-application smart card products that require high-performance cryptography for ultra-secure transactions," said Jean Luc Ledys, Gemplus' technology director.
1st eTech will employ Hitachi's smart card technology in a marketing demonstration at the upcoming COMDEX 2000 international technology show in Las Vegas, Nevada, from November 13 through 17.
What are the biggest barriers to more aggressive adoption of Smart Card and Biometric ID Systems by governments and private industry?
SafeNet's smart card technology is based on government-grade security and it has already been widely deployed.