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Everyone's been saying that I've smartened up since I've been seeing a girl from Chelsea but I've had this blazer over six months.
Summary: The One Direction boys smartened themselves up to attend the the GQ Men of the Year Awards at London's Royal Opera House.
Over 30 local residents, assisted by Keep Wales Tidy, cut back brambles and smartened up old graves at St Tudclud's in Penmachno, whilst improving their Welsh language skills as part of the Estyn Llaw project.
Paths and patios can be smartened up using a good cleaner.
DRESS sense is being smartened up at Lingfield, where the order has gone out that anyone wearing shorts and trainers will be barred from some areas.
It's only taken about 30 years, but redneck comedy has finally smartened up.
I am surprised the residents have not tried to get their town smartened up.
Kraft Foods has smartened up its entire Dairylea range to give it a more uniform look and better shelf stand-out as well as to push a healthier message for the brand.
Time, think, you got real and smartened your own act up - then you might find women are much less likely to knock you and your mates back.