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For a 10-year increase in age, the odds of selecting self-confidence, creativity, smartness, and determination decreased in both samples, and the odds of selecting independence decreased in the Estonian (but not in Russian) sample (see Table 3).
Are there patterns of different approaches to smartness reflecting different contexts, histories and societal priorities?
Awwad bin Saleh Al-Awwad has described NEOM project as the dream and the vision being achieved by Saudi citizens' smartness and gigantic determination.
He added: "By addressing the three key pillars of a modern city - efficiency, smartness and happiness - the Congress will present not only path-breaking achievements in urban energy management but also discuss strategies to address future challenges.
In fact, lying is an indicator of smartness, some experts say.
He shed light with distinguished artistic smartness on important events in the history of Kuwait, and conveyed the feelings of the Kuwaiti people with extreme transparency, it said.
It is a story of what the font aims to achieve, reflecting the personality of the emirate of Dubai, whose vision revolves around giving, happiness, smartness, boldness, living in harmony, respecting one another and combining the authenticity of the past, the modernity of the present and the aspirations of the future.
This unique initiative serves as a reminder of the core values that characterize the city of Dubai: happiness, giving, respect, tolerance, modernity, smartness and living in harmony.
His smartness was fantastic, and hopefully we can go through this week without injuries.
And anything to do with smarter mobility is the right string to strum as Indian cities plan to infuse a dose of smartness in their chaotic, largely unplanned cities that offer poor quality of life.
semantic search, text mining, case-based reasoning) are paired with Cloud Services to deliver affordable, reliable and practically "invisible" smartness that operates with every business process.
Choosing a machine and, also a company, needs smartness which apparently is evident in this case.