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I never knew there were going to be fairy smashers, so we have to watch out," Linnea said.
We need to expose our hidden military airways that take us to-and-from our SUA to increase awareness with the bug smasher.
Around 20 times quieter than other blenders, Smasher applies its patented 'SMASH' effect to quickly crush samples.
of Smasher Entertainment and Art Birzneck of Birch Tree Entertainment announced today at the American Film Market that they are teaming up to produce a slate of youth-oriented martial arts films targeted at the teen and twenty-something audience.
Take note, "OnePlus is not liable for any damage or injury incurred to the smasher, surrounding persons or any equipment used during the shooting of each smash video.
OTCPINK: DEQI) announced today that it has purchased the game Gem Smasher and will begin distribution of the game to all markets.
THE world's most powerful atom smasher is to be re-created in a major new public exhibition.
SEAMUS GRAHAM enjoyed a terrific evening at Newbridge on Friday when his litter-brothers Tolerton Smasher and Aptitude Test produced big runs in the second round of the Texacloth Puppy Derby, writes Michael Fortune.
A SCIENTIST working at the giant European CERN atom smasher laboratory has been held on suspicion of being linked to al Qaida, it emerged last night.
IT'S advantage, Jennifer Love Hewitt, as she looks a smasher in her black bikini.
Exclusive UK distributor Don Whitley Scientific has launched the AES Chemunex Smasher laboratory blender, completing the DWS sample preparation range that includes the WASP spiral plater, Dilumat gravimetric diluter and automatic colony counters.
We just rode a ride called Atom Smasher, which had to do with centrifugal acceleration,'' said Annie Chang, 16, a junior at Burbank High School.