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This situation can be explained with the fact that smasher who are more active at the top of the net attack and block organizations have more capacity of jumping.
Professional Reactions--if a bug smasher decides to fly through your airspace, then comply with the training rules, KIO, and climb/descend to a safe altitude.
Steve Robertson, Sales Director at Don Whitley Scientific comments "We are thrilled to offer this improved version of Smasher and believe the quick-release paddles will be welcomed by laboratory staff.
More than a year ago, the two-hour pilot of "Monster Smasher," distributed by New Line TV at NATPE, got good reviews from Katz Television and other companies that represent hundreds of TV stations.
It was only early down the back straight on the second circuit that Droopys Smasher switched on and she then flew to win on her own.
The projects are aimed at making discoveries about the makeup of matter when the Large Hadron Collider - the world largest atom smasher - starts collecting data later this year.
The ergonomically designed Smasher combines comfort, quality and performance at an affordable price.
Smasher works unattended to eliminate corruption to font caches and temporary files, the #1 cause of font-related problems and workflow interruptions.
Heat 3: 1 Bumblebee Burkie 2 Peregrine Diaz 3 Droopys Smasher 4 Trying Times 5 Highview Product 6 Obama Country (w).
Actors whirl on and off like electrons in an atom smasher.
Conceptually similar to a kitchen compactor, Rocky Flats' 44-ton trash smasher drives a piston with 2,200 tons of compaction force down upon 35-gallon drums containing plastic, glass, and metal wastes.
AS SIX-BEND racing enjoys something of a renaissance in Ireland, the crowds will throng to Cork's Curraheen Park this evening for the first clash between champion stayer Airmount Tess and her precocious new rival Droopys Smasher in the first semi-final of the Barry's Tea 750.