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Sheer down, screaming, seventy feet he fell, smashing to the earth with an audible thud and crunch, his body rebounding slightly and settling down again.
The cessation of buying had turned the Stock Exchange into a bedlam, and down all the line of stocks the bears were smashing.
Lines formed in his face, and in those lines were the travail of the North, the bite of the frost, all that he had achieved and suffered--the long, unending weeks of trail, the bleak tundra shore of Point Barrow, the smashing ice-jam of the Yukon, the battles with animals and men, the lean-dragged days of famine, the long months of stinging hell among the mosquitoes of the Koyokuk, the toil of pick and shovel, the scars and mars of pack-strap and tump-line, the straight meat diet with the dogs, and all the long procession of twenty full years of toil and sweat and endeavor.
But this was drowned by a prodigious smashing and crashing on deck.
He crouched alongside of him, right arm drawn back and ready for a smashing blow the instant Joe should start to rise.
It was something formidable and swift, like the sudden smashing of a vial of wrath.
Spartonix just launched Break The Stone: Fun Smashing, a brand new addictive free arcade game for android devices.
August 23 Suspect entered property and made an untidy search after smashing a window in a rear door.
But smashing a thing that is perfectly good is wasteful, not to mention it is dangerous.
They said the thief appeared to have been outside the shop for some minutes before smashing the window.
From stealing, smashing doors and windows, making violent threats, demanding cash, break-ins and verbal abuse, Steven Smith has left a trail of destruction and disorder in his wake as he has stalked his parents across South Tyneside.
Fiscal depute Robbie Brown told the court: "He picked up the baseball bat and started smashing various items.