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Combustion particles from a cracked heat exchanger have been generated by normal combustion and thus tend to be smaller and less smeary than furnace soot.
Adaptive optics can take a smeary, seeing-confused mess of a star image and put it back together, nearly achieving diffraction-limited perfection--by optically counteracting each and every atmospheric distortion of the star's light at every moment.
But Buddy is right: the epiphany can best be appreciated by readers who have themselves "died" several times; aesthetic pleasure here is inseparable from the pain of the absent individual who left the balloon on the pillow, and surely also of the "immoderately unhappy" bleary, smeary woman.
Maybe it could even use newsprint and smeary ink, just to comfort those folks who fear change.
You manipulated text with tags, so that if you wanted a word in boldface, you'd put some sort of text like, say, [less than]b[greater than] before the word and, say, [less than]/b[greater than] after the word, so when it printed out, that word and that word only was in boldface dot-matrix type, a little more smeary than the others.
Soft Soap--A smeary, semiliquid soap that is usually made by treating an oil high in oleic acid with potash as the alkali.
A general criticism from gradualist quarters is that over time incremental changes in the species' genotype inevitably undermine any and all criteria of unity, unraveling the putative integrity of the species-as-individual and revealing in its place what Richard Dawkins has described as "a smeary continuum of change" that renders invisible the boundary between one species and the next.
She heard a truck coming, rattling like it was going to fly apart, and she spun around gracefully with the broom racket and saw Ed Kunky's black whiskers in the smeary windshield and beside him his son Whitey, good-looking Whitey, a class ahead of her.
Meanwhile, a survey by The New York Times found that country-of-origin is poorly marked on some private label frozen vegetables - the notices in hard-to-find places, or in smeary ink, or both.
It's gummy and smeary, yet as abrasive to carbide as a honing stone.
Blunt does her best as Rachel, but the role is essentially self-pitying: embarrassing herself on the train, rambling incoherently at an AA meeting, looking like a wreck with red nose and smeary mascara, basically waiting for someone to offer absolution by saying: "You did nothing wrong".