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NZAS CEO and general manager Gretta Stephens said ending the current deal in 2017 did not mean the smelter would be shut down as there could be potential to re-discuss its power supply through multiple contracts with various firms - including Meridian.
Restarting the smelter would make commercial sense as it would enable Bindura to save costs that it currently incurs by shipping concentrates to China, via the port of Durban on neighbouring South Africa's eastern coast.
The Company had hoped to bring a revolutionary lead metal production technology online prior to the closure of the smelter.
Apart from the Tsumeb Smelter which produces concentrate, a grainy, metal-rich substance that is produced by grinding raw ore into fine particles and removing the waste, Dundee Precious Metals currently has producing mines, Chelopech in Bulgaria which produces gold, copper and silver and the Kapan Mine in Armenia which produces gold, copper, zinc and silver.
That meant the smelter had to be located near to a port with good transport links to the site.
Supriyadi was unable to give a time-scale or details on production capacity on the two smelter projects.
Alongside the signing of the joint venture agreement, the project company, Smelter Asia, also executed the principal terms of the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Syarikat Sesco Berhad, the wholly owned subsidiary of Sarawak Energy Berhad, to supply over 600MW of power to the proposed smelter.
To start the year at full production capacity of the smelter means that we can now bring to a close the construction phase of EMAL and spend 2011with our full focus on ensuring we meet the production targets we've set for ourselves.
This new generation AP36 smelter's design, layout and construction have resulted in the most efficient and environmentally conscious smelter currently in operation in the region, it claimed.
reached agreement to sell its 32 percent stake in Intalco and Eastalco aluminum smelters to Alcoa Inc.
We sell a line of crushers from Australia and a line of drills that are used in the smelter business from Chile.
The traditional reasoning has been that if two bullets are chemically indistinguishable, they probably came from the same pot of molten lead at the smelter or were manufactured on the same day by the same company.