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The characteristic values obtained were used to design a burner air preheating from the exhaust gas stream of the smelting system.
Siyanda Smelting currently owns a smelting plant comprising three arc furnaces and two induction furnaces, a convertor and associated equipment with a smelting capacity of 7.
The purchase of the firms first two smelting furnaces is a key milestone for Gulf, and constitutes a substantial step forward in its evolution as a manganese alloy producer.
Typical applications for direct current smelting include ferrochrome, ferronickel, and ilmenite, and dust recycling in steel production, especially stainless steel.
Whatever energy is used when smelting iron, nickel or chromite into their end products, tremendous heat is required.
Since smelting ended the firm has worked to secure new investors at the site and surrounding land.
According to Bilbilov, the company intends to install most sophisticated equipment in the smelting plant and invest 100 million euros in environmental protection.
The find extends the known record of copper smelting by about 500 years, a team headed by Miljaria Radivojevic and Thilo Rehren of University College London reports in an upcoming Journal of Archaeological Science.
The closure was announced in August after the company - a subsidiary of Rio Tinto Group and Kaiser Aluminium - failed to secure a cheap-rate electricity deal for its smelting operations.
The agreement covers Outotec Flash Smelting licence, the supply of proprietary process equipment and services for Zijin's copper smelter project in Shanghang in Fujian Province.
Little was known of the sources of metals and few early smelting places were known.
Its activities include bauxite mining, alumina refining, aluminium smelting, manufacturing, recycling and related research and development.