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Bronze Age copper smelting technology in Cyprus--the evidence from Politiko Phorades, in S.
The ilmenite smelting process allows the production of high-purity pig iron with a high degree of heat-to-heat chemical consistency, making it an ideal melting stock for ductile iron castings.
the primary production) nonferrous metals by smelting ore and/or (2) the primary refining of nonferrous metals by electrolytic methods or other processes.
Henry forecast that it will take two to three years to build the second smelting plant.
From a smelting perspective, these are known as contaminated "fractions" which, properly managed, are excellent feedstock into a primary smelting application for the three reasons mentioned above--flux value, BTU value and metals value--which, when blended with a primary ore feedstock, help reduce costs and the reliance on natural resources (by 25 percent) and help increase the return on the alloy content.
The two geologists extracted a sediment core from a lake near Cerro Rico and measured concentrations of five metals associated with smelting.
AISI researchers' current understanding of the smelting process indicates that the process fundamentals -- on the basis of which the Direct Steelmaking project was initiated -- have not changed.
The authors examine industrially-grounded treatments of process fundamentals and the beneficiation of raw materials, smelting and converting, hydrometallurgical processes, and refining technology for a 'mine-to-market' perspective - from primary and secondary raw materials extraction to shipping of rod or billet to customers.
Outotec will supply the latest flash smelting technology improvements to the upgrade of Rio Tinto's Kennecott Utah Copper smelter in the U.
The location of Kentucky Smelting Technology in Paris, Ky.
Although plans to develop a smelting facility have fallen by the wayside, North American Palladium Ltd.
Gerald Jones, prosecuting, said the alarm had been raised by a neighbour who had been physically affected by the smelting operation from the furnace which Maguire had been seen helping take delivery of.