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Earlier research on smelt feeding in Lake Peipsi and in Lake Pihkva (Tikhomirova, 1974) showed that smelt larvae feed mainly on cladocerans (Bosmina, Chydorus, Daphnia cucullata, and Diaphanosoma brachyurum, occasionally Leptodora and Sida) and copepods (Diaptomus, Cyclops, Mesocyclops) during the spring-summer period.
The aim of the present study was to analyse the diet of smelt in Lake Peipsi.
The main commercial fishes in the lake are smelt, pikeperch, perch, bream, pike, ruffe, roach, and until the early 1990s also vendace.
The average lengths of smelt on different sampling dates were 333 mm.
Kawahara and others said they conducted an experiment using cherry tomatoes that had taken in the antifreeze protein extracted from pond smelts through their roots.
01 gram of antifreeze protein per 1 gram of smelt, achieving the highest-ever extraction ratio.
Evolutionary genetics, mitochondrial DNA, morphological variation, Osmerus, smelt, speciation, sympatric populations.
Over their geographic range, rainbow smelt exhibit extensive life-history diversity.
To test if this general finding could be applied to life-history diversity in smelt we assayed morphological variation among populations in traits important to feeding performance.
This view was extended by Lanteigne and Mc-Allister (1983) who suggested that in cases where dwarf and normal smelt reside sympatrically, the dwarf form represents a distinct species known as the pygmy smelt (O.
Recommended items: Broiled thresher shark, chicken souvlaki, deep-fried cod and shrimp with fries, fried smelts in season with skordalia (garlic sauce), premises-baked baklava.