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A" nitrocellulose, smokeless powder which propelled the 220 gr.
Asbaghi (2012) found that NG occurring in smokeless powder persisted in soil in significant quantities (152 mg/kg at a 1% SP rate) after 60 d.
While smokeless powder and black powder generally are exempt from the Federal explosives laws, these products are often used to make illegal or 'improvised explosives devices' and pipe bombs.
Dealers and consumers are now comfortable with a muzzleloader using modern smokeless powders.
Pyrodex is actually a smokeless powder with burning characteristics identical to black powder on a volume to volume basis.
The Mauser became the favorite weapon of the Commandos, and with it they would inflict a series of embarrassing defeats upon the British army that showed the true capabilities of the smallbore, smokeless powder rifle in the hands of capable marksmen.
Under pressure from the National Rifle Association, Republican leaders stripped from the bill a White House proposal that would require manufacturers to mark black and smokeless powder - typical components of homemade bombs - with chemical elements, or ``taggants,'' which would help the authorities trace detonated explosives.
However, the only '86 caliber to have been introduced as a smokeless powder round was the .
The rifles designed by this genius were to take Steyr from single-shot, blackpowder rifles into the realm of modern, smallbore, smokeless powder repeating rifles.
30 CALIBER HAS BEEN AMERICA'S favorite since the dawn of smokeless powder.
The search by ATF and FBI agents at Sands' Meadows Road home and his business, J&B Performance in North Perry, Ohio recovered numerous firearms, smokeless powder, pipe and end caps.
Among other things, he asked Congress to require chemical markers - known as taggants - to be placed in the most common kinds of explosives, black and smokeless powder.