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Usually a strummed, capoed guitar solo, its new orchestral prelude and smokily sung lyrics will dazzle devotees.
Paints - Finally, the iron melter must deal with the paint-like class (including powder coatings) that smokily decomposes on heating, giving off copious hydrocarbons (VOCs) and other nasties, making life in the foundry unpleasant.
Following Blue Light 'Til Dawn, the 1993 effort that first joined her with producer Craig Street in an offbeat, smokily atmospheric setting, Daughter is a jazzy intro for people who don't know or care what jazz is.
Critics of Catholicism point to the dishonor roll of morally fallible popes as proof that the church is just one more corrupt institution, different only because it can smokily hide its sins in incense.
He's since upgraded his equipment, but the ribs and chicken remain smokily wonderful.