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Yamazaki 12--Single Malt (Suntory, 43%) has a deep color, with pronounced notes of malt, smokiness and spice.
Finish: Medium to long in length, with a lingering smokiness.
What was a hint of smokiness in the original Black Label is now at the fore of the Double Black blend.
On the contrary to the behaviour observed at small rotation speeds, smokiness observed when the engine was fuelled with multi-component fuel exceeded smokiness in the case of pure RME.
Its characteristics are a tranquil atmosphere and general smokiness.
A blend of single and double distilled rums with a hint of smokiness, Mount Gay is the tastiest tipple served neat, on the rocks, or in a Mai Tai if you're thirsty for a fruity adventure.
When the food is prepared in a covered pot, hay might not itself seal in moisture and flavor, but it imparts something just as good: a sweet, herbaceous smokiness that gently whispers of the growing places of the earth and reminds us of the agrarian that our exhausted urban-dwelling selves so yearn for at the end of a long, chaotic day.
smokiness of vision or migraines; the anterior chamber depth assessment was incorrect; the optic disc assessment was inadequate; and the record of the consultation was inadequate.
A well cooked chicken Jaipur had light tandoor smokiness and a wholesome Punjabi sauce.
These self-incinerating kilns harden the clay and temper it with a slight smokiness.
The smokiness of the salmon was encased in the soft delicate flesh of the plaice, topped with a creamy sauce combining the rich bitterness of the saffron threads, which made the sauce a golden yellow, and the faint aroma of aniseed from the chervil.