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Underwriters Laboratories, Inc: "An Open Flame Test is a Necessary Addition to Smoldering Test Requirements.
Inside she found her electricity box was smoldering, so she immediately called the fire service.
A resident left the smoldering ashes outdoors and four hours later the fire ignited, he said.
5 minutes, to a smoldering source and to more fires than all other conventional detection systems currently available.
In their haste, however, they left a deadly combination of smoldering logs and vegetation piled along the railroad right-of-way deep into the surrounding forests.
Smoldering the same fuel to form charcoal releases only about 50 percent of the original carbon, Lehmann previously reported.
After terrorists flew a plane into the Pentagon, Gooden led a staff of 200 people back into the smoldering building to ensure that vital data and communications links were operating.
Even the love poems in this collection derive their sensuality from meticulous observations of the world: "Tonight I know your body, a pine-shadow eclipse of mine / the glow of cedar smoldering in darkness.
The strain was isolated from vaginal swab specimens from a 68-year-old woman with smoldering myeloma and chronic hepatitis C virus infection who was hospitalized for abdominal abscess.
Stokes's body turns up among the smoldering ruins of a tire set on the construction site of the new Center for African American Studies, and her borther, Eric, becomes a suspect.
According to CPSC, this represents a 70% improvement in ignition from smoldering cigarettes since 1980.
Firemaster 552 is said to offer the advantages of penta-BDE (sold as DE-62 FR), including resistance to foam discoloration and smoldering ignition, little effect on foam physical properties, and excellent hydrolytic stability.