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Obstructions in the ground kept the liquid carbon dioxide from spreading throughout the smoldering trash, and the decline in temperature did not last.
5 minutes, to a smoldering source and to more fires than all other conventional detection systems currently available.
In their haste, however, they left a deadly combination of smoldering logs and vegetation piled along the railroad right-of-way deep into the surrounding forests.
Smoldering the same fuel to form charcoal releases only about 50 percent of the original carbon, Lehmann previously reported.
cenocepacia, in a patient affected by smoldering myeloma, and chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection.
According to CPSC, this represents a 70% improvement in ignition from smoldering cigarettes since 1980.
Firemaster 552 is said to offer the advantages of penta-BDE (sold as DE-62 FR), including resistance to foam discoloration and smoldering ignition, little effect on foam physical properties, and excellent hydrolytic stability.
The dryer drum distributes moisture throughout the load by rotating every few seconds, ensuring all laundry is dampened and cooled, and that smoldering pieces are extinguished.
They did note, however, that the Chinese coils emitted significantly less particulate matter, perhaps due to the material used as a smoldering agent (the Chinese products were thought to contain more sawdust, whereas the Malaysian coils were based on coconut husks and shells).
forces found smoldering files in every room and an industrial-strength shredding machine in every other room.
Finally, the smoldering crisis is the most common and is characterized by a situation that starts out small and internal, but grows and becomes a crisis.