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Of course, the militia law did not work smoothly at first.
It is inexcusable of me," he declared smoothly, "to have forgotten even for a moment.
As though tears were the indispensable oil, without which the machinery of mutual confidence could not run smoothly between the two sisters, the sisters after their tears talked, not of what was uppermost in their minds, but, though they talked of outside matters, they understood each other.
We all know that their first meeting was unfortunately very far from amicable; but all went smoothly and quietly when they were last together at my house.
Crisparkle,' interposed the Dean, nodding his head smoothly, 'there is nothing else to be done.
Glides on smoothly, Glides on smoothly, with long-lasting colour.
ISLAMABAD -- The National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) Auto Teller Machine (ATM) system which was out of order due to maintenance, has been restored and functioning smoothly, a top official of the Bank told reporter here Wednesday.
Now, almost as if things were going too smoothly, Tan (pictured) appears to be putting it all at risk by ridding himself of director of recruitment Iain Moody.
It went on easily and smoothly and when I applied my foundation over the top it definitely helped blur the lines.
New Delhi, Aug 5 ( ANI ): Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar on Monday said that she has been assured by the leaders of various political outfits that the Monsoon Session of Parliament will run smoothly.
According to official sources, petrol pumps in Samanabad, Johar Town, Liberty, Mall Road, Hall Road, Nicolson Road, Davis Road, Empress Road, Shahrah-e-Fatima Jinnah, Township, Dharampura, Jail Road, Muslim Town, Jail Road and McLeod Road were functioning and people received the supply smoothly.
FOR many years local election counts were held in local schools and ran smoothly.