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You can also use smudging to "cleanse" crystals before use.
With a revolutionary, easy-to-use interface -- a trademark of MetaTools software -- Kai's Power GOO lets users create liquid images and manipulate them in real-time by stretching, smearing, smudging and fusing images.
This new award-winning creative entertainment tool allows users to create liquid images and manipulate them in real time by smearing, smudging, stretching, and fusing images.
Patrick's Church in Lethbridge where a smudging ceremony was performed with sweetgrass in place of the Penitential Rite.
2 Brush a little powder under your eyes before applying mascara to discourage smudging.
LANCASTER - The JetHawks went through 24 games without even smudging their roster.
The sheet surface must absorb the ink vehicle to minimize dot gain and prevent smudging.
The smudging, or space clearing, is meant to cleanse the air and energise the atmosphere.
50 HHHHI This little pot of cream comes with a separate brush allowing for fine lines and smudging.