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That annoys me a bit because it's easy to be smug when you have the answers in front of you.
A wretched backpass from Lorenzo Paramatti was pounced on by Yesil, who coolly rounded Smug and rolled into the empty net.
I spoke to a number of my senior players and they told me he was smug towards them while clearly knowing a lot of the Chelsea team - he was just short of asking for their autographs.
Outside Perth Sheriff Court, smug McKenzie said: "I expect her to be sent to prison and there was no way in the world I would want to miss that.
Said ending is the final indignity to an audience who has suffered through two hours of smug sadism in the guise of "entertainment.
Dear Editor, - So Ben Elton is infuriatingly smug (Post, Aug 16).
I PRESUME DT of Newcastle on Tuesday, March 23, was referring to Kathy Secker when bragging how easy it is to apply for Pension Credit, provided you are a smug 75-year-old who understands anything and everything.
Nonetheless, like so many New Urbanists, Kelbaugh shows a smug certainty that New Urbanist nostrums if adopted would not only stop sprawl, and create environmentally more sustainable cities, but also build the basis for a robust public life by overcoming urban, social and cultural fragmentation.
The glamorous Welsh actress and her American husband topped the list of smug stars who need taking down a peg or two.
But scratch the surface and no party had an awful lot to be smug about.
These bedspreads are like paintings in disguise, and they are far more successful than they would be if hung on the gallery walls with a smug air of cultural importance.
That's all well and good, but Pearce's moralizing skates perilously close to homophobia--he calls Wilde's adventures with rent boys typical of "life's lowest common denominator"--and his smug satisfaction with what he sees as Wilde's inevitable embrace of the church left a bad taste in my mouth.