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Sergeant Ashby had one arm around Bobs shoulders, his other arm around Smugger.
Unfortunately, the kids chose Peter Jones, leaving him looking even smugger and practically drooling at the idea of how much money he was going to make out of them.
Smugger climbed the rope ladder to the top of the jetty.
5 HAVE we found a new law of economics, which states that the smugger Robert Peston's face, right, appears on our screens, the deeper the brown stuff we're in?
It's meant to make the speaker look dead brainy, when it just makes them less curious about life than you or I, but much smugger.
David is feeling smugger than ever when he realises his ex still cares enough to be jealous.
Jimmy Carr (8 Out of 10 Cats/ The Marriage Ref) Smug & smugger
ONCE again London's smugger dinner parties are dominated by the self-satisfied chatter about how fast their house prices are going up.
Always admittedly a little bit on the smug side, Piers is now smugger than ever.
Through red lights, ignoring one- way street signs and all the time looking smugger than a Wee Free Minster because they think they are single-handedly saving the planet - even as they run over OAPS, dogs .
Stephen Fry & Rob Brydon (Qi) Smug & smugger