smuggled goods

See: contraband
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Smuggled goods through the neighbour countries' borders of and the Afghan Transit Trade form a chunk of informal economy volume of which ranges between 50 to 60 percent of formal economy.
Taking advantage of the United Nations-facilitated Afghan Transit Trade Agreement (ATTA), a massive smuggled goods trade has grown around goods imported into Afghanistan and smuggled back into the markets of provincial capital and other provinces.
As many as 20 famous cigarette brands, which neither have import licenses nor are produced in the country, come under this plan and are subject to confiscation as smuggled goods wherever they are found," he said.
Last year, he was jailed for 21 months after admitting conspiring to deal in smuggled goods and evade duty tax.
A police officer testified: "He confessed that a man came to him and asked him to smuggle phones and drugs inside the jail for money and that he had smuggled goods many times in the past.
The investigation revealed that the goods belong to a local resident, 30, who smuggled goods from Kyrgyzstan.
Personnel of the General Administration of Customs raided three houses in Seeb wilayat inhabited by expatriate workers who were storing smuggled goods there, according to the ROP.
Therefore, Cihan noted, the total figure for all fake and smuggled goods stands above $20 billion.
As the smuggler faces significant risk of civil and criminal penalties if caught with contraband, smugglers are able to impose a significant price premium on smuggled goods.
MULTAN -- Customs Intelligence and Investigations Multan Range have seized smuggled goods worth around Rs 200 million during first nine months of the current year.
The government is considering new legislation regulating customs transactions and toughening penalties on customs smuggling, particularly in free zones, as part of larger efforts to protect industries from smuggled goods.
The director of Sudan's general directorate of customs, Saif Al-Din Omer Suleiman, said the policemen were killed while hunting down a vehicle carrying smuggled goods, affirming that they died while they were performing their national duty of preserving the country's wealth.