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One smuggler was killed while another was injured in the shootout, Kurukshetra district police chief Simardeep Singh said.
The alleged smuggler was shifted to a local police station after initial legal proceedings.
This time, the head of the smuggler group, an Afghan, wanted to meet me.
An Egyptian military source, requesting anonymity, told that the Egyptian troops opened fire at a smuggler on the Israeli side of the border.
Border guards in Jazan killed a drug smuggler and injured two others in a shootout during a drug-busting operation.
Two came near the fence and they were trying to clear the contraband with a pipe;, our personnel challenged them and we have fired in retaliation that killed one smuggler," said Deputy Inspector General, Sector BSF in Amritsar, M F Farooqui.
Patrols of Border Guard Confiscate Weapons in Jazan" Jazan, Safar 23, 1435, Dec 26, 2013, SPA -- The patrols of the Border Guard in Jazan Region confiscated 185 pistols and 370 ammunition from a smuggler during routine checks along the border today.
AL-HODEIDA, July 23 -- A Sudanese family of six was being held by a smuggler in Al-Lohia, Hodeida when four of the six family members were able to escape and inform the authorities.
Hamid, a long-time drug smuggler, told Reuters, "Why smuggle opium when you can earn as much money by smuggling diesel?
The smuggler attempted to smuggle the drugs via an additional fuel tank which he attached to the truck , the Public Security Directorate (PSD) media office stated.
A smuggler was also killed and another injured in the gunfight which took
Dubai: A drug smuggler has been detained at Dubai International Airport, after 938grammes of heroin capsules were found inside his body.