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She says the "Christ alone" belief leads to smugness because Christians believe they are the only ones with access to God.
You should be in jail Mr Stephanou, along with your cohorts, Evagorou, both Kyprianous - Marcos and Andreas - never mind stupid look on his face Stavrakis, mouthy Sotiroulla and that 'hit man' lookalike, Sylikiotis, all led there by their ringleader, Christofias, Mr Smugness himself.
That's not simply because of the grandiose smugness displayed on every page of these books.
We would do well, therefore, to avoid indulging in either smugness or Schadenfreude.
But we are constantly brought back to the crushing weight of the waves of stone that surge and swell and seem to burrow beneath the city, undermining the smugness of the modern capital and interrupting its continuities.
Maybe a little rain will wash away Southwesterners' smugness about their sun-drenched paradise, while also giving the place a much-needed rinse.
The way he scrunches his head into his collar, smashing his features together into an unhappy knot, the way he opens his eyes in fear, and the way he wobbles his jowls in smugness, show us exaggerations of ourselves.
SIR: I've never come across such an appalling case of metropolitan smugness as your October 'Outrage'.
There is a certain amount of smugness that has crept into my persona of late.
Smirking smugness and evangelical righteousness are not qualities that inspire thinking people.
Many of us who live a teardrop away from ground zero--I won't presume to speak for my neighbors--emerged from 9/11 scarred with smugness and humility.
Rather what the bishops in question displayed was a contentment with their own mediocrity, a go-with-the-flow status quo smugness.