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Four of the guilds correlated positively with one or more measurements of snag abundance.
Free the snag and then work your newly discovered spot with jigs, dropshots, shaky heads and Texas-rigged plastics.
He was reportedly not convinced about the snag being rectified.
Snag dynamics in a chronosequence of 26 wildfires on the east slope of the Cascade Range in Washington State, USA.
Roy, said it happened due to some technical snags in the ATM machine.
Krudo's SNAG folding knives--designed on the popular Southeast Asian Karambit platform--are available in SNAG Live Blade and SNAG Controller models.
RTA officials were not available for comments and train and station attendants declined to comment, only saying that there was a snag.
If the engine won't start next time, you may not have noticed the snag.
SNAG THIS SIGN Flatter his ego and let him play hero once in a while.
BLUE RIVER - A roll of gray foam, some 1-inch PVC pipe, torn up strips of blanket, paint and several handfuls of moss: It doesn't, at first blush, suggest the woody realities of a forest snag.
On many occasions we cancel or delay flights if there is an engineering snag and we do not release the aircraft for flight unless the snag is resolved.