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Sources said the pilot got angry as he was not satisfied with the manner in which the technical snag was being addressed and
According to a police source, a snag occurred in the programing of the traffic signal in the four directions of the Dubai Islamic Bank intersection on the Muntasir road at the Nakheel area.
Meanwhile, in another incident, a Kochi-bound flight from Bahrain took nearly 20 hours to reach its destination following technical snags and bad weather, prompting some of them to disembark and stage a protest.
Roy, said it happened due to some technical snags in the ATM machine.
Krudo's SNAG folding knives--designed on the popular Southeast Asian Karambit platform--are available in SNAG Live Blade and SNAG Controller models.
Emirates can confirm flight EK 385, an A380 aircraft from Bangkok to Dubai, was diverted to Hyderabad International Airport today at 0345 hours due to a technical snag in the aircraft," an Emirates spokeswoman said in a statement released on Sunday.
That's because it's easy to snag the back of your coveralls on the engine fire suppression system safety pin.
He absolved his "Trend" from criticizing the first presidency on account of snag resting with Baabda rather than with Rabyeh.
Many cavity-nesting species in both temperate and tropical latitudes display preferences for cavity height in relation to height of the tree or snag (i.
24 (ANI): A technical snag in an Emirates Airline flight forced Thiruvananthapuram Member of Parliament Shashi Tharoor and his wife Sunanda Pushkar to delay their honeymoon in Dubai and Spain.
SNAG THIS SIGN Flatter his ego and let him play hero once in a while.
BLUE RIVER - A roll of gray foam, some 1-inch PVC pipe, torn up strips of blanket, paint and several handfuls of moss: It doesn't, at first blush, suggest the woody realities of a forest snag.