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However, he added: "The risk, and the hazard that snagging created, was controlled by specific training in respect of the dangers of entrapment or impact, the need to maintain the height of crane-chains when they were traversing and need for a safe distance between employees and the die when the crane was in operation.
In the hair tool category, ACE has introduced the ComfortFlex Pocket Comb, featuring XtremeGrip and a ComfortFlex slot that prevents teeth from snagging hair; a full size ComfortFlex comb is also available.
The ULCANS requirement was originally developed for Army aviators, in response to snagging and damage caused by the metal rings that bind the garnish material to the LCSS.
Nexia is still perfecting the spinning process, but they hope artificial spider silk will soon be snagging customers as fast as the real thing snags bugs.
An earlier Forest Service study, with a different lab, used fur snagging to see if any lynx still roam the Cascade Range of Oregon and Washington.
Four oversized 5" swivel casters roll easily on carpet or tile and move in and out of elevators without snagging or tipping.