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2) The snake venom group: Based on reported methods,[9],[10] the LD[sub]50 of D.
The effect of extracts on the neutralization of toxicity of snake venom was determined by mixing each extract with snake venom (2LD50) before injection.
Snake venom contains neurotoxic cardiotoxic cytotoxic and other active compounds.
and Chlorpheniramine maleate 2 ml (Anistamin (a)) which was followed by Polyvalent Anti Snake Venom Serum (b).
Concurrently other enzymes in snake venom like phospholipases proteases cardiotoxin and cytotoxic peptides assist in cell necrosis lead to liberation of nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) (Alirol et al.
The abilities of PLE-treated mice serum and piperine-treated mice serum to effectively neutralize Russell's viper venom may be due to the fact that snake venom components, PLE and piperine share common epitopes.
The brewery created Snake Venom after fans deemed Armageddon "too weak" when it debuted in 2012, the Huffington Post reported.