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He and his pack then draw off into a sheltered corner of the lawn, where the dogs roll on the grass, and play or growl angrily at one another, ever and anon breaking out into furious fight speedily to be quelled by Tom's voice, unmatched at rating, or the snaky thongs of the whips.
The next moment they were bowing and salaaming to him in their most polite and snaky way.
On Planetary Coalition, "Playa La Ropa" features Rodrigo y Gabriela navigating Alex's rhythmically driven and snaky melodic lines.
Blue crystal vault, and elemental fires, That in th' ethereal fluid blaze and breathe; Thou, tossing main, whose snaky branches wreathe This pensile orb with intertwisted gyres; Mountains, whose radiant spires Presumptuous rear their summits to the skies, And blend their em'rald hue with sapphire light; Smooth meads and lawns, that glow with varying dyes Of dew-bespangled leaves and blossoms bright, Hence
Most singers describe 'Ned Fielding's gang', who capture the highwayman, as 'that cursed crew', but Bob Scarce calls them 'that snaky crew' (wrongly transcribed in the notes as 'naked).
One of the snaky pieces shows, by the torn flesh at the top of the extrusion, the grip of four fingers that stretched but did not puncture the clay.
The next few days involved more endless highway and giant landscapes, snaky back roads, the amazing Echo Valley Ranch with a Thai spa and a Cockney cowboy, zip-lining through ancient forests, having bears casually cross the road in front of you, and precipitous mountain dirt tracks.
The $3 million column stood a snaky 57 metres in length, with a diameter of 5.
Co-produced by Brian "Danger Mouse'' Burton, it's filled with towering guitar solos, synth, snaky bass lines and a pervading feeling of mistrust and disappointment.
17) Or, like the snaky wreath of Tisiphon, Engirt the temples of his hateful head (E2.
I lay back on my pillow with my eyes open gazing at the cabin ceiling when suddenly a snaky, slimy brown thing trailed across my face from left to right.
The second example comes in the moralizing speech that precedes his choice of the lead casket, and here the reference to golden locks is altogether more sober: "So are those cripted snaky golden locks / .