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USDA has already approved issuance of supplemental SNAP benefits for current SNAP recipients, in certain affected areas, to bring their August and September benefits up to the maximum allotment for their household size, consistent with the amount D-SNAP households will receive.
Whether you are talking about the place kicker or punter, it all starts with the snap.
If aircrews or ALSE inspectors report loose or torn snaps on the aircrew integrated recovery survival armor vest and equipment (AIRSAVE), it may be that the snaps are not seated with enough pressure.
When it comes to scalability, the SNAP should be designed in such a way that it can keep up with line speeds of 1Gbps and can deal with an online transaction processing (OLTP) profile and the smaller block sizes that such a profile implies.
SNAP, a product of Nicolet Biomedical, is the first of several unique VIASYS anesthesia products and the first handheld product approved for use in the space-constrained Operating Room Theater.
They detected snaps that began some 700 microseconds after the crustacean's claws closed.
SNAP Infusion SUPERCANDY[TM] offers a low-calorie, healthy alternative to traditional candy, infused with natural ingredients, functional benefits and patented SNAP beads that activate a sensory experience that maximizes deliciousness while delivering the instant gratification associated with candy.
Ends & Halfbacks: Right end and halfback should sprint downfield at the snap and act as "gunners.
Launched in November 2006, Snap Shots are a radical departure from the traditional way people browse the Web.
Always look off the free safety or primary side Cover 2 safety immediately following the snap (a quick glance).
Snap Shares adds a new money-making dimension to Snap Shots by allowing Web site owners and bloggers to increase their inventory with context-based ads at the bottom of each Snap Shot.
It was essentially the same thing our fullback always does on punting downs, when we occasionally snap the ball directly to him and run a wedge.