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THE stickleback floundered about the boat, pricking and snapping until he was quite out of breath.
The silence was broken only by the snapping of the wood, the crackling of the flames, the distant murmur of the camps, and the blows of the sabre given to what remained of Bichette in search of her tenderest morsels.
And then something gave, there was a momentary feeling of nausea, a sharp click as of the snapping of a steel wire, and I stood with my back against the wall of the cave facing my unknown foe.
With a snapping of iron butts and a splintering of wood the obstacle burst inward.
JE M'EN FICHE,' cried the Admiral, snapping his fingers.
In a moment, he was on his back, snapping his fingers, and yelping with delight.
With the snapping of her tail-shaft her life seemed suddenly to depart from her big body, and from a stubborn, arrogant existence she passed all at once into the passive state of a drifting log.