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The RSPCA is opposed to the manufacture, sale and use of all snares.
But the bad press usually swirls around illegal snares, often set by poachers and other criminals, for which there's no justication.
Jacqui Cuff, from Cats Protection, said: "This subject has long been very close to our hearts because we hear of the terrible injuries that snares inflict on cats, whether they are domestic pets, strays or feral.
Should dogs become tangled in a snare, it can result in a costly vet's bill and should wildlife be snared, it can lead to a slow and agonising death.
Dr Colin Rickman and his team are observing SNARE proteins in pancreatic beta-cells, the highly specialised cells that release insulin.
Any animal such as a dog or cat could quite easily have been caught in this snare and now who knows what other traps are hidden on the hill.
When the Esbern Snare tried to stop the boat using a loudspeaker, it [the pirate ship] opened fire, which was immediately returned.
Also, public pressure exists to improve snare selectivity (Traps, Trapping, and Furbearer Management, The Wildlife Society Technical Review 90-1, 1990) and this is an issue addressed by the international program Best Management Practices (BMP) for regulated trapping conducted by the International Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies.
Sarah said: "I support anything that helps get rid of these snares.
Please support Snare Aware Week and join us in our demand that the sale and use of snares be banned throughout the UK - just as they already are in most European countries.
DEADLY snares have been laid at a beauty spot busy with dog-walkers and children.
Development of a hair snare could provide a cost-effective and accurate means to monitor deer abundance or estimate their population size in areas where deer are not harvested or where other techniques are impractical (e.