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At such moments, when his dogs snarled, the whole circle would be agitated, the wolves coming to their feet and pressing tentatively forward, a chorus of snarls and eager yelps rising about him.
She had snarled as she sprang away, baring her white fangs to their roots, all her wistfulness vanishing, being replaced by a carnivorous malignity that made him shudder.
When Walt Irvine went down to inspect the intruder, he was snarled at for his pains, and Madge likewise was snarled at when she went down to present, as a peace-offering, a large pan of bread and milk.
Remote and alien as a traveller from another planet, he snarled down their soft-spoken love-words.
Here and there savage dogs rushed upon him, but he bristled his neck-hair and snarled (for he was learning fast), and they let him go his way unmolested.
My dog snarled back and if she hadn't been muzzled, we know what would have happened.
The two incidents badly snarled up traffic in the area, which is the main route from Mir-field and Ravensthorpe into Dewsbury.
But this week's pictures will prove that there's nothing new about Birmingham's roads being snarled up with traffic jams
The rain brought traffic to a crawl across the Southland, according to the California Highway Patrol, with traffic snarled on the Harbor and Hollywood freeways downtown to make way for the funeral of Los Angeles County sheriff's Deputy Maria Cecelia Rosa.
Unless heavy investment is made in the region's biggest cities, problems like flooding, a lack of basic services and snarled transit will be a worsening nightmare for the millions who live in those cities.