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Instead of running into the house as before, she sauntered carelessly by her companion's side, humming little snatches of song, and kicking the loose pebbles right and left on the garden-walk.
The sights he had seen there, with brief snatches of food and sleep by intervals, shall remain untold.
I often glanced at it, for she sat in the window all the time we were at work; and made our breakfast, which we took by snatches as we were employed.
he is on foot again, and fights as if there were twenty men's strength in his single arm His sword is broken he snatches an axe from a yeoman he presses Front-de-B
A few sharp and urgent snatches of it came unmistakably from the bell at the gate of the college grounds.
Bones, mate," "No more rum," "Off Palm Key he got itt," and some other snatches, mostly single words and unintelligible.