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Used to simply keeping her head down to avoid being noticed by the Sneerers or embarrassed by her larger-than-life twin brother, Dax, Ana considers taking chances and finds her efforts are rewarded in different ways.
More sophisticated sneerers e-mail that I'm worried that "white women" aren't doing their bit.
That is as may be, but the sneerers get colds and I don't.
Dilworth, in his Life of Alexander Pope (1759), who attacked the sneerers, chief among them being Warton, 'who have maliciously endeavoured to prove, that Mr.
Yet, despite the sneerers, they have not gone away.
And that's one in the eye for those sneerers who suggested it was an insurance job.
The sneerers call it a fun flutter for illiterate gamblers, a stick-your-needle-in-and-hope-for-the-best job.
We hit back and gave society's sneerers and scoffers a lesson in how to shrug off a stigma and emerge with honours good enough, some of them, to put an Old Etonian to shame.
Speaking to Gubbay in his London office, I confess that I have been among the sneerers but, along with many others, found his recent conception of Madam Butterfly, set in a Japanese water-garden, to have much artistic integrity.
I had a hot and youthful topic, too, Frank Stella, who was then not even as old as Artforum is today, but who had already polarized the art world into the ranks of sneerers versus enthusiasts.
I have already seen the sneers when I mention his name at professional gatherings - which is not to suppose that the sneerers have actually read him.