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That sneering young cub got taken down a peg or two on that occasion, and I also seized the opportunity of having a good look at the face of every foremast man as they filed past me to go to the after braces.
He knocked politely, and now the wood was as still as the children, not a sound to be heard except from Tinker Bell, who was watching from a branch and openly sneering.
Manu's tone was sneering, and Tarzan knew that it was because little Manu thought all creatures feared mighty Bolgani, the gorilla.
For a moment Rokoff stood sneering down upon Jane Clayton, then his eyes fell to the little bundle in her lap.
Paulvitch's sneering laugh came through the polished panels.
Figs" was the fellow whom he despised most, and with whom, though always abusing him, and sneering at him, he scarcely ever condescended to hold personal communication.
This mood of black depression endured for a while, and then Mr Pickering suddenly became aware that Subconscious Self was sneering at him.
And then we, the voters, will stop sneering at them in return.
One paper compiled tweets from celebrities - for example, jour nalist/novelist Tony Parsons wrote: "Sneering at the Olympics is like sneering at Christmas.
So sneering is not something I'm happy or comfortable about when people use it to describe me.
Rage: Cheryl, right, slated Wagner for sneering at her roots Cutting it: Katie shows off new short style on show last night
TWO sneering yobs who built a four-foot high barricade on a Midland railway line that almost derailed a train have been jailed.