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Back in the 18th century, John Wilkes, a reformer, had an angry exchange with John Montagu, the Fourth Earl of Sandwich: Lord Montagu sneeringly exclaimed: "I don't know whether you will die on the gallows or of the pox.
Yes, I was being part-snob, parthypocrite, watching them sneeringly in my purple Craghopper fleece, especially as I am a firm believer in the cheering power of a skinny latte on a cold day's walk.
As a result, the movie ``Shut Up & Sing'' doesn't give the anti-Chicks contingent much traction; indeed, even when Bush logically points out to a TV interviewer that the ladies had just as much right to express their opinions as some of their fans did to boycott their products in response, we're meant to laugh sneeringly at some perceivable hypocrisy in his statement.
Senator George Allen, a Republican, sneeringly suggested that the U.
Burgess's physical appearance gets sneeringly derided, too.
If a single moment captured Kerry's failure to play to strength, it was in the second debate when Bush sneeringly declared, "That's what liberals do.
The obvious option is to turn the entire operation over to the United Nations, which has some experience in what Bush used to sneeringly call "nation-building.
Grimaldi sneeringly peers behind the language of bureaucracy and asks: What does "GREAT PROGRESS WAS MADE" mean?
If there was any black writer he defined himself against, it was Amiri Baraka, whom he still refers to sneeringly as LeRoi Jones, the name on his birth certificate.
Is it any wonder that her husband--a doctor, of all things--should sneeringly employ the play's title to describe his spouse?
It's the two relativist "siblings" of the Fishian postmodernist-- the empty-minded "freshman relativist," who thinks all opinions equally valuable, and the destructive relativist, who sneeringly debunks others' lofty claims, oblivious to his own intellectual limitations--that "have brought the relativist family into disrepute.
on global warming, a document required by the convention his father had initialed in Rio, Bush sneeringly dismissed it as a product of "the bureaucracy.