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Hemingway adds: "We need to reverse the career snobbery that has resulted in some trades being considered a poor option.
Bafta fiercely rejects claims of bias or snobbery and insisted each nominated programme was considered fairly and on merit.
Leighton He said the more frequent appearances of Scottish Parliament members on national discussion shows could reect a snobbery with how devolution came about in Wales.
There may be something British about snobbery, but there is also something British about the cruise.
Even with the non- literary celebrities popping up all over, as long as the fest remains this engaging, no amount of snobbery can turn it into a disappointment.
There's an innate snobbery in Whitehall that music hall is vulgar.
Snobbery claim over new trainS seats plan THE chairman of the North Eastern Area Board of British Rail, Mr T Summerson, said in Middlesbrough that the new open plan coaches for second-class passengers meant that they were being herded like cattle.
Could we possibly include snobbery towards the all-weather in that?
On the other, there are plenty of people prepared to take the fact of a disproportionate number of students from more privileged backgrounds at a particular university as evidence of snobbery and social bias on the part of admissions staff.
the greening of forlorn public spaces), plus a writing style that rejects horticultural snobbery, Bellamy's blog is smart, informative, and inspiring--even at a landscape-challenged time of year.
The second and third generation tale is a soap opera of bridge-burning snobbery and wasted opportunities.
No mention of Canada yet, but the growth in beer snobbery here guarantees that some brew-nerd somewhere in the dominion is guzzling a freshly FedEx-ed case of the stuff.