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on the picturesque and lush Caribbean Island known for the complexity of its cocoa beans - and their organically grown dark chocolate has turned some of the chocolate world's snootiest heads.
Indeed, at this summer's Chelsea Flower Show, city-produced honey was given the silver stamp of approval by the UK's snootiest food store, Fortnum & Mason.
OK, we accept that medicine has always been elitist - and the snootiest of professions.
Famed for its ability to offer versions of catwalk or celebrity trends at a fraction of the cost of the originals, Primark has earned a place in the shopping schedule of even the snootiest fashionistas.
Golfers at one of the snootiest clubs in England have taken a swing at Bryn Terfel.
Equally hilarious as Johnny's long-suffering mother, the snootiest Queen in all of England and a wretched Ethiopian peasant woman, Altomare has the comic chops (and unerring sense of timing) to throw a lifeline to every drowning line and sinking scene.
Initially, Gina works at the city's snootiest salon, run by the impossible pseudo-Austrian Jorge Christophe (Kevin Bacon, very funny).
And Ben Boyd added, 'What other town has given birth to two of the world's most gifted actors (Burton and Hopkins) and only the snootiest, pansiest dilettante would deny the magnificence of the Gotham City-style steelworks next to the Irish Sea.