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Bentley's range of approved snow chains are designed to provide extra traction in deep snow.
Snow hope: Graeme, below, gave up on snow chains for his Mondeo but still made it back to the office.
If this kind of winter weather is going to become a regular event we will have to increase radically the level of resources we have to deal with it, and that includes individual requirements such as everyone having snow chains for their cars.
The fact that the team will break up when the weather changes for the better and people don't need snow chains adds a measure of suspense.
Parts of expressways around the Tokyo area were temporarily closed, while drivers were required to use snow chains on the Tohoku Expressway and Tokyo Gaikan Expressway.
The completed I-580 will provide a more direct passage to Carson City on a six-lane, limited-access freeway equipped with full-width shoulders, turnarounds for emergency vehicles, and pullouts for applying snow chains in the winter.
I still went out in the cold and blasted big ollies over snow chains, power-slides in the water, speeding through cars towards the park.
If we have to, we can buy snow chains on the road anywhere along the way.
One of the most successful ideas was the trial of automatic snow chains.
A unique new, lightweight tire accessory designed to help provide safer driving conditions in winter weather coupled with easy installation compared to snow chains is being announced today by Navimetrix.
Road crews have been dispatched to clear the snow and ice on the road, but visitors are still advised to attach snow chains to their tires while passing through Kunyang (29 km) to Dayuling (41 km).
Due to frost, police said Saturday several roads on the Troodos mountain were open only to vehicles equipped with four-wheel drive or snow chains.