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Wahab also ruled out reports that the snub has forced him to take a back seat from cricket.
Should Ferdinand snub Terry's handshake, it will mark another chapter in what has been a turbulent year or so for Chelsea's skipper.
A spokeswoman from Birmingham City Council said: "No snub was intended
38 snub, though the Bureau grandfathered Colts owned by older special agents.
After all those stories about Hitler and his snub, I came back to my native country, and I couldn't ride in the front of the bus.
Tenders are invited for for Supply of PULLEY SNUB FW1400,
com/scottkfoley/status/289424452289187840) Twitter to protest the snub as well.
Hughes confirmed that new boy Park, a former Manchester United team-mate of Ferdinand's brother Rio, made a personal decision to snub Terry.
HE'S EVRA SO RUDE Luis Suarez (left) snubs the offered hand of United defebder Patrice Evra SNUB Rio Ferdinand ignores Suarez after incident
The researcher has warned that those with snub noses are often viewed as lacking in maturity.
THE comments from Leanne Wood about her so-called snub to the Queen are spot on ("Plaid AM criticised over Queen 'snub'", June 4).
Stander: Given controversial call; Fraser: Snub for qualifiers