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Hans promptly snubbed with the rope, as though Buck were a boat.
Hans snubbed the rope around the tree, and Buck and Thornton were jerked under the water.
Pott was so overcome at the bare idea of having ever been suspected, that she was half a dozen times on the very verge of a relapse, and most unquestionably would have gone off, had it not been for the indefatigable efforts of the assiduous Goodwin, and repeated entreaties for pardon from the conquered Pott; and finally, when that unhappy individual had been frightened and snubbed down to his proper level, Mrs.
But she thought it was in the order of nature that people who were poorly off should be snubbed.
Borini famously snubbed Sunderland last season after a protracted courtship that lasted longer than Gus Poyet's job.
West was quick to apologise for not hugging Minogue, but because her exchange with the coaches were not shown on camera, the viewers did not see if she had snubbed the blonde coach as well.
The experienced former boss, 73, insists the Hoops haven't been snubbed despite Neil Lennon's branding the decision "abysmal".
The minister was upset with the banking community for having snubbed the efforts of the government to raise funds through treasury bills to support its economic programmes.
MARK HUGHES renewed his call for the pre-match handshake ritual to be scrapped after John Terry was snubbed by Anton Ferdinand and QPR skipper Park Ji-Sung before Chelsea's 0-0 draw at Loftus Road.
Islamabad, May 16 ( ANI ): Snubbed Pakistani cricketer Wahab Riaz has termed his elimination from the squads that are touring Sri Lanka as a temporary setback.
Astonishingly, as Suarez reached the home players, he snubbed Evra's offer of a handshake - ignoring him and walking past with his head down.
PREMIERSHIP footy stars aren't used to being Snubbed - but the Blues' Leighton Baines doesn't mind one bit.