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The Calling are one of many acts who make a living from providing so-so songs for dull American soundtracks.
Greene's best novel gets a so-so treatment in John Ford's rendition of The Power and the Glory.
THERE are those who see David Beckham as a pampered, overpaid footballer and his wife Victoria as a spoilt Essex girl of so-so talent.
Q: If you're only a so-so ballet dancer, can you start pointe classes?
She has consulted with companies on implementing leadership competencies, shifting cultures from compliance to commitment, and re-working so-so ideas into high-impact projects.
IAIN DOWIE'S record as QPR manager was so-so but so-so just isn't good enough when mega-rich Flavio Briatore is chairman.
McPhee's third and final song was also pegged to be her debut single, ``My Destiny,'' which drew so-so reviews from the panel.
So-so adventure which tries hard to match the swashbuckling panache of earlier efforts, starring Cornel Wilde, Anita Louise, Jill Esmond and Edgar Buchanan.
Now, you may not bat an eyelid when Dave falls for not one but two British actresses with so-so American accents.
A pouty dancer with adequate technique and so-so star appeal, Cassano redeems herself with a set of well-timed fouettes.
Whatever the explanation, it seems Di Canio may have made a rod for his back when he admitted in his so-so autobiography that he was right wing and even a little bit racist.