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The first objective was to determine the clinical and socio-demographical differences of the adolescents who apply to the treatment center for help with drug abuse with family support or upon a probation decision court order The second objective was to determine clinical and socio-demographical qualifications which take effect in the maintenance of soberness among cases that are admitted to an adolescent treatment center upon the probation court order
They were expected to live a 'decent' life without alcohol, adultery and personal enrichment, characterised by soberness, self sacrifice, solidarity and little quality family time on occasions such as birthday parties and Sinterklaas (St.
The Master Teacher would minister faithfully to his disciple voice students with the soberness and gravitas of a prophet.
Among the recent films a good reconstruction of the period can be found in the "historical prologue" to Renato De Maria's La prima linea (2009) and in Marco Tullio Giordana's Romanzo di una strage (2012), whose soberness is, in contrast, sorely missed in Michele Placido's II grande sogno (2009).
My one reservation is the soberness in relation to a genre that, from its inception, is meant to be taken (no pun intended) as tongue-in-cheek.
The classicism of commercial office architecture, in Northern Cyprus especially of estate agencies and construction companies, might have been meant to support their function of promoting product-sales alike: by transporting eventual codes like soberness, reliability and solidity (47).
This series has been all the better for letting some serious moments trickle into the comedy - like those little flashes of soberness you get when you're drunk - and there's an unexpected outbreak of what can only be described as kindness in tonight's episode.
This is Jesus' appeal for simplicity, moderation, and soberness of life.
2011 "Policing 'Below the State' in Germany: Neocommunitarian Soberness and Punitive Paternalism.
It is as though the puritanical, obsessive and ascetic soberness of the former, the systole, had a mundane expansion in the latter, the diastole.
After being ridiculed for their priorities (speech, appearance, and goals), he and Faithful exhibit patience, meekness, quietness, and soberness during the beatings and imprisonment they suffer.