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The social code of the present time hailed it as something frankly amusing.
Like Kafka's protagonists, she has internalized her milieu's social code, which morally poisons her.
Self-respect will then turn into a real social code that will be able to transform the contest of leaders into a liberal contest of ideas.
AoThe social code is different towards acquaintances (friends and family) and strangers; with acquaintances one feels the urge to be friendly and close to heart, while with strangers one tends to be uptight and in a state of defense,Ao he said.
The Jazz Age also was a time when American culture was evolving rapidly along with the increasing popularity of jazz music, and a time in which the country was developing a new social code for itself following a devastating war.
They did not hesitate to punish those who trespassed the social code of conduct.
SHARIA law, though controversial in the West for the extreme nature of some of its punishments, is a legal and social code to help Muslims live their daily lives.
He joins the great men and women of the earth who break the social code of who we are and who we can become.
These values stand in counterpoint to the tyrannical social code idealized by Al Qaeda and by related political groupings such as Afghanistan's Taliban.
The public display of intimacy between men and women is strictly forbidden by Arab social code, including holding hands or linking arms, or any gesture of affection such as kissing or prolonged touching.
Human collaboration in work, in primitive and developed societies, has always depended for its perpetuation upon the evolution of a non-logical social code which regulates the relations between persons and their attitudes to one another.