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Thus, dispersal appeared to be adaptive in our study as well, with dispersing owls typically improving both their social status and reproductive success.
But this prejudice, however real, apparently is not preventing many non-white ethnic groups from achieving high social status.
She is currently participating in a much larger international study of childhood poverty, the Young Lives Project, that is looking at objective and subjective measures of social status along with health measures and cognitive function.
Therefore, I should (practically ought to) bring about A, but, also, schemes having the form In this case, I have the social status S (or I am S).
According to the literature, social status has great influences on employee satisfaction, self-employment, social power, and economic value.
Males more frequently pursued social status goals (Anderman & Anderman, 1999; Ryan, Hicks, & Midgley, 1997).
In response to a lack of socioeconomic and status-yielding opportunities, many young men reported participating in the informal economy such as the drug trade to earn money and gain social status and respect as a man.
People of a lower social status (eg, the working classes) have more labour-intensive jobs and suffer more stress precisely because of that.
As son to one of the richest men in Rome, Quintus lives in a life of ease and luxury until an impostor steals both his name, family and social status, rendering Quintus disposable to the slave trade.
Paul casts Philemon as someone whose social status ranks high on the dimension of wealth and evaluation within the sect.
Thus, we should treat each other with mutual care and respect, regardless of social status, faith, gender or life style," he said: "We are striving to break the silence and emphasize that God does not discriminate between those who are HIV positive and those who are HIV negative.
It seems that their definition of business success is altogether too wrapped up in the quantity of their wages--and the social status such an income level bestows--to buy into the Yankee's radical-sounding notions.