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It may seem intimidating but taking the time to socialise with senior staff and your line manager can have a big impact.
Places families can sit together and socialise together.
A fashion fix workshop organised by women's social group Ladies Who Socialise and Birmingham-based style advisors Style Our Souls will be held at House of Fraser in Sutton Coldfield on July 29 at 6.
It is important that children are encouraged to learn to play and socialise with other children from an early age.
Julia Margot, of the IPPR, said: "In Britain, as opposed to countries like Spain and Italy, adults are less likely to socialise with children in the evenings.
Almost half of Welsh office workers socialise with their work colleagues at least twice a month, said the NOP poll for Sheppard Moscow.
Sodexo's Peter Taylor said: "Today's average undergraduates socialise less, drink in moderation, rarely skip lectures and worry about getting the results they need to succeed in the job market.