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We do, and offer this valuable information via workshops and webinars to assist marketers and businesses,” assures Nikki Means, CEO of Project Socialize.
This observation focused on continuing the number of gathering rooms used by the aged to socialize and the number of social interaction occurred in the room.
Millennials socialize with more people and with more types of friends, including nonwork friends, siblings, parents, roommates, work friends or colleagues, and supervisors.
Then there have been countless articles describing how to socialize your dog to people by walking it on leash around a busy shopping mall, or how to socialize your dog on other dogs by taking it to an off-leash park.
Offering heartfelt tales of struggling with infant care and the milestones of early childhood, A Chimp in the Family also offers the unique difficulties in attempting to persuade a hand-reared chimpanzee to socialize with others of its kind.
The large open spaces along with the library and game and activity rooms give the residents a chance to socialize and a place "where they can share everyday living experiences," Hance said.
It's about a place that encourages people to leave their cars behind and go out on foot to socialize, relax, shop and play.
Attendees of each show will have opportunities to learn about new developments in their industry, as well as to catchup with friends from throughout the country (and indeed the globe) who gather at the annual events to network and to socialize.
Everyone is really nice, and we socialize at the hotel at the end of the day.
Meet, socialize, and have fun with others who share your interest in health, nutrition, exercise, animal rights, and the preservation of the environment.
The centrepiece is a big streamlined bar surrounded by seven soft leather fixed stools for customers to drink, eat and socialize in comfort (turbulence permitting).