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His motive in introducing socialized medicine in Germany was to buy the loyalty of the German masses as a means of keeping them from becoming communists.
Although the Supreme Court neutered ObamaCare's Medicaid expansion program by effectively making it volitional, the advocates of socialized medicine still are having a field day because CBO expects the failure of several states to buy into the exchanges--a very bad deal for states, one guaranteed to exacerbate their economic woes--Hill contribute to a ratcheting up of the number of people fairing into Medicaid's ranks.
But don't destroy the finest health care system in the world to have socialized medicine because we have people who are indigent in the society.
Rick Perry has proved he will keep coming at his rivals hard, and today in a speech at the Iowa Credit Union League he added another data point: "The model for socialized medicine has been tried before - whether it was in western Europe or in Massachusetts.
The progressive dream of universal healthcare won't die at the Supreme Court, and the next time around, advocates of socialized medicine may insist on single-payer and public ownership from the start.
Berwick has also spoken and written extensively on health care, and his admiration for socialized medicine is clear and unequivocal.
We ought to try to get some really good data on the effects of socialized medicine.
The question of human dignity, especially among those living under socialized medicine, is addressed in the next section, including a debate on the logic of prolonging the lives of the aged and infirm.
It was going to destroy medical care as we know it, lead to socialized medicine, etc.
The only people talking about socialized medicine are the Republicans and the insurance companies.
Indeed, recent Republican attacks on the proposal have centered on the cost as opposed to previous accusations that the plan was too great a step toward socialized medicine.