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Socializer will be integrated into the Isobar brand in Poland, an initiative aimed at further growth in the country's booming digital market.
Smith had explained that people want to be communicated with as they like to communicate, and four basic personality styles define how people prefer to give and receive information: directors, socializers, relaters, or thinkers.
Downloaders, Socializers, and Self-Improvers are more likely to be younger and single.
Like all new employees, our socializer should realize that companies hire new graduates based on future promise more so than past performance.
Recall our hypothetical line-up, with George in the middle, each person to the left of him even more of a socializer than he is, and each person to the right more of a player.
While the patient might recall that he or she had previously behaved in an aggressive, hostile, rejecting manner with the medication nurse, the hope was that he or she might not want to display this behavior in the presence of the Socializer.
The socializer also thrives on involvement with people and usually works quickly and enthusiastically with others.
345 * * Largest absolute correlation between each variable and any discriminant function Table 3 Cluster Profiling by Demographic and Travel Characteristics Variables Indifferent Enthusiast Socializer (CL1) (CL2) (CL3) Age % % % 12-14 yrs 4.
The Socializer platform enables any company to easily launch their own social network, to activate and engage customers offline around social events, activities and with each other to build "on-the-ground" brand presence and local, real-world communities of socially-active brand advocates.
SOLO SOCIALIZER Fine in one-on-one sitches, but big groups make you queasy?