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cinnamominus Mariana crow Corvus kubaryi Laysan duck Anas laysanensis Indiana bat Myotis sodalis island fox Urocyon littoralis kit fox Vulpes macrotis Mexican wolf Canis lupus baileyi Mississippi sandhill crane Grus canadensis pulla mountain yellow-legged frog Rana muscosa Peregrine falcon Falco peregrinus San Clemente Island Lanius ludovicianus meamsi loggerhead shrike San Francisco garter snake Thamnophis sirtalis tetrataenia sea otter Enhydra lutris
1) On the historiographical framing of communism and the difficulties regarding its condemnation as a political regime, see Radu Preda, Comunismul: O modernitate esuata [Communism: A Failed Modernity], Theologia Sodalis 5, Eikon, Cluj-Napoca (2009) (in Romanian).
Scientists from the US, Europe, Israel, and Australia review the biology of these symbionts, including Proteobacteria like Sodalis and Wigglesworthia in tsetse flies and Stammerula and other bacteria in fruit flies, and Bacteroidetes like Blattabacterium and Cardinium.
Observations on waking periods and movements of Myotis sodalis during hibernation.
sodalis for example, which generally occur in easily recognized clusters on the walls or ceilings.
Owen SF, Menzel MA, Ford WM, Chapman BR, Miller KV, Edwards JW and Wood PB: First summer record of a female Indiana bat, Myotis sodalis, in West Virginia.
Spring and autumn swarming behavior in the Indiana bar, Myotis sodalis.
The decline of Indiana bats, Myotis sodalis, and Gray bats, M.
Others, such as Sodalis glossinidius, a secondary endosymbiont of the tsetse fly, stay within that insect species.
Thus, when Valeriano lectured on Catullus at the University of Rome in 1522, he took the occasion to pronounce a little digression on the word sodalis in Cat.
The Company is seeking to sell the Sodalis business to venture capitalists or others willing to invest in developing the business.
Bat species such as Indiana and gray bats (Myotis sodalis and M.