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Within a year, 100 men were members of the sodality having their meetings at the Chapel of the Madeleine.
In 1809, the sodality was suppressed by the government because sodalities were determined to be subversive organizations to the status quo.
Members of a parish teen CCD program chose the sodality for a project to record a personal history of the church.
Lapo lived in the heroic age of Florentine humanism and participated in the recovery of the papacy from the challenge of conciliarism; Valeriano lived to see the end of the humanist sodality in Rome and witnessed (though never seemed to understand) the Protestant challenge to the papacy.
In 1957 I attended a Sodality Congress and met the director of the St.
The director of the sodality wanted us absolutely "secure" in our Catholicism before we got involved in any inter-religious or inter-ideological activities.
These preceding studies have successfully demonstrated black lay sodalities' unique roles and functions as voluntary associations for African-born slaves, and have placed a special emphasis on ethnicity and group sodality expressed in their memberships and governing bodies.
Here it is worth digressing to recall the old suggestion, recently restated by Bonito and Pettinelli, the Goritz might have consulted on his altar's program with the famous Augustinian, Egidio da Viterbo, who was a member of his sodality and lived next door to S.
She was a member of Saint Andrew Bobola Church in Dudley and the Holy Rosary Sodality.
The Rosary Sodality of the Church of the Holy Cross, 25 Lake Ave.
Hedwig's Church in Southbridge as well as its Holy Rosary Sodality.
Roch's Church in Oxford, and was a member and past president of the Women's Sodality at the church.