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Altera leads the industry in delivering soft-core processor technology to a wide user base, so extending our debugger to support Nios II multi-processor systems was an easy decision for us," said Norbert Weiss, manager of international sales at Lauterbach.
distribution for Columbus of Sex, a soft-core feature he had made at McMaster University with Dan Goldberg and John Hofsess.
FPGA solutions with embedded soft-core processors represent a growing opportunity for our customers," said William E.
Absolutely, he says: "We found that many soft-core baseballs actually made the problem worse and increased the risk.
From an article on the Houston Chronicle's web page about Harold Gunn, Republican candidate for state representative, who wrote and acted in the soft-core adult film The Great Texas Showoff "`It was a blast, something I did twenty years ago,' Gunn said.
Therefore, the Consumer Federation of America (CFA) is urging all children s recreational baseball and softball leagues to use soft-core baseballs and softballs for all players fourteen years of age and younger.
NYSE:ARW) today announced its BeMicro evaluation board, a new low-cost and convenient way to demonstrate the use of soft-core processors in embedded, FPGA-based designs.
Later, a move to Los Angeles from Chicago offered the opportunity to design costumes for soft-core porn films, a gig that put his imagination into high gear and demolished any barriers of conformity.
Of course, now coolness is reduced to the manufactured look of a Gap commercial or Paris showing off her only talents - soft-core moves while washing a car and eating a burger.
For the next 20 years, Secter made more films, including a bohemian comedy called Getting Together and the soft-core Blow Dry.
Amusingly, Immanuel Kant, whose birth date happens to be 1724, was here associated with Emmanuelle, the heroine of the '70s soft-core porn films, shown in excerpts in a separate room of the exhibition.
What: Tim Allen, senior director of Altera Corporation's Santa Cruz Technology Center and the chief architect of the Nios(R) and Nios II soft-core embedded processors, will be participating in Tuesday's panel discussion on Soft-Core Processors and Configurable Chips at the Embedded Systems Seminar: Silicon Valley.