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I am desperately intent;' the languor of his desperation being quite tropical; 'on your softening towards your sister - which you ought to do; and on your being a more loving and agreeable sort of brother - which you ought to be.
NuvoH2O water softening systems are now available at RC Willey locations throughout Idaho, Nevada and Utah-
a color and additive masterbatch supplier to the nonwoven industry, unveiled its mBrace softening additive at the RISE Conference in Colorado.
Basir said that the softening of rules and regulations would allow his bank to establish new branches in Singapore easily.
Chief executive Nigel Stein said: "Looking forward, European markets seem to be softening further.
Slather on its exfoliating and softening Foot Patrol cream (pounds 18.
7,671,008 B2; The Sun Products Corporation, Wilton, CT, has patented a concentrated liquid fabric softening composition.
A family of light-colored terpene phenolic resins is offered in varying softening point ranges.
The resultant plots of indentation versus temperature or time can be used to characterize coatings by measuring softening points, thermal expansion coefficients, indentation hardness, elastic modulus, and creep and its recovery.
This bladder actually lightened in color as wrinkles and creases appeared from kneading and softening the tissue- much like what happens when rawhide is scraped and softened.
NEW YORK -- The trend that has been on everyone's lips is the softening of contemporary design.
From my favorite standbys, baking soda and vinegar, to products designed for this purpose, softening one's wash need not turn it into a chemical stew